Samson AirLine AWX Wind Instrument Micro Transmitter Wireless System with HM60 Wind Instrument Microphone, D-Band

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Samson AirLine AWX Wind Instrument Micro Transmitter Wireless System with HM60 Wind Instrument Microphone, D-Band

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The Samson AirLine AWX Wind Instrument Micro Transmitter Wireless System with HM60 Wind Instrument Microphone, D-Band offers frequency-agile UHF wireless freedom via the worlds smallest clip-on transmitter that packs high-definition sound, an internal rechargeable battery, and 300 of reliable performance into a device that fits in the palm of your hand. It also features a shock-mounted microphone and adjustable gooseneck ideal for saxophones, trumpets, trombones and other wind instruments.


ATX-tend Your Reach

The AWX system continues Samson's longstanding commitment to wireless innovation. Designed to be an extension of your instrument rather than a separate component, the ATX Wireless Transmitter clips directly onto your instruments bell without the need for a cable, allowing you to command the stage with confidence. It features infrared sync for wirelessly matching receiver and transmitter frequencies, easy-to-access gain and mute controls, a low-battery LED indicator, and an 8-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
 Mic for Winds

The ATX transmitter features an HM60 condenser microphone with a 3-point halo isolation mount to minimize noise from mechanical vibration. The microphone capsule offers a supercardioid pickup pattern that can handle up to 125dB SPL, ideal for the sudden attack of wind instruments. The HM60 also features an adjustable 8.5 inch gooseneck (with P3 connector) for optimal placement of the microphone in front of your instruments bell.

The systems rack-mountable CR99 wireless receiver offers frequency-agile operation and 80 selectable channels for reliable performance wherever you are. The receivers True RF Diversity design minimizes dropouts, while tone key technology eliminates unwanted noise when your transmitter is off or out of range.
 You Are Now Free to Roam About the Stage

Watch the horn section of the Funk Filharmonik demonstrate the Samson AWX Wind Instrument Wireless System! You too can be Free to Roam with the AWX transmitter mounted directly on the bell of your instrument... No cables! No belt packs!


AWX Wind Instrument System

  • Frequency-agile UHF wireless system

  • 80 operating channels across 24MHz bandwidth

  • Up to eight simultaneous systems per frequency band (region dependent)

  • AC adapter and rackmount kit included

ATX Wireless Transmitter

  • Clips directly to instrument bell (no beltpack or cable required)

  • HM60 condenser microphone capsule with supercardioid pickup pattern

  • Handles up to 125dB SPL

  • 3-point halo isolation mount

  • 8.5 inch gooseneck (P3 connector) for optimal mic placement

  • Windscreen included

  • Up to eight hours of battery life using built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Sealed gold contact charging connector for included USB-style charger

  • Low battery LED indicator

  • 300 operating range (line-of-sight)

  • Variable Gain control

  • One-touch Mute

CR99 Wireless Receiver

  • Rugged all-metal, rack mountable chassis

  • Multifunctional backlit LCD (RF, audio, transmitter battery levels)

  • Group scan for easy single or multi-system setup

  • IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency

  • True RF Diversity design minimizes dropouts

  • Tone key prevents unwanted noise when transmitter is off/out of range

  • Removable one fourth wave antennas

  • Balanced XLR and one fourth inch outputs


  • Samson AWX Wind Instrument Micro Transmitter UHF Wireless System (K: 470 to 494 MHz)

  • CR99 Receiver

  • ATX Micro Transmitter

  • HM60 Boom Microphone

  • Rackmount Kit

  • AC Adapter

  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty


AWX Wind Instrument System

  • Working Range: 300 (100m) line of sight

  • Audio Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 15 kHz

  • T.H.D. (Overall): <1% (AF 1 kHz, RF 46 dBu)

  • Dynamic Range: >100 dB A-weighted

  • Signal to Noise: >95 dB

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C (14°F) to +60°C (+140°F)

  • Tone Key Frequency: 35 kHz

ATX Transmitter

  • Input Connector: Mini-XLR (P3)

  • Input Impedance: 3k ohm

  • Input Gain Range: 20dB

  • RF Power: 10mW EIRP

  • Power Requirements: 3.6V 500mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

  • Battery Life: 8 hours

  • Dimensions: 5.9 inch x 6.7 inch x 3.9 inch / 150mm x 170mm x 100mm

  • Weight: 0.13lb / 60g

CR99 Receiver

  • Audio Output Level - Unbalanced: +14 dBu

  • Audio Output Level - Balanced: +9 dBu

  • Audio Output Impedance - Unbalanced: 810 Ohms

  • Audio Output Impedance - Balanced: 240 Ohms

  • Sensitivity: -100 dBm / 30 dB sinad

  • Image Rejection: >50 dB

  • Operating Voltage: 15 VDC 200mA

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.87 inch x 5.9 inch x 1.6 inch / 200mm x 150mm x 42mm

  • Weight: 2.08lb / 0.946kg


  • Brand: Samson

  • Manufacturer SKU: SWSATXHM60-D

  • UPC: 809164219088

  • Type: Wireless System