Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Microphone

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Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Microphone

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The Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Microphone is a high quality gooseneck microphone for all podium applications. The condenser element and cardioid pickup pattern provide optimum sound quality for speech and presentations.


The Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Microphone miniature gooseneck microphones are 15" in overall length respectively, and the goosenecks are flexible at the top and bottom with a mid-section stiffener for a straight profile. They feature a permanently charged condenser element with a Cardioid (Uni-directional) pick-up pattern, providing good off axis response while maintaining high feedback rejection. The CM15 microphones are fitted with a standard 3-pin male XLR connector at their base for easy installation on standard female XLR connectors or cables. An onboard High-pass filter, at 100Hz, is included, allowing the low frequency response to be attenuated which helps remove background noise, stage rumble and mechanical noise, which can sometimes be transmitted by the speaker at a podium. The microphones operate on standard 9 through 52 volts phantom power supply. Each microphone includes a standard and shock-mounted flange for easy installation. A dual-stage, rippled windscreen is also provided to greatly reduce annoying P-popping. The microphone elements are protected by rugged metal housings and the entire microphone is finished in a low reflectance, matte black finish.

Powering the CM15P: The CM15P are condenser microphones and therefore need to be operated by connecting a phantom power supply. Phantom power is standard on most quality mixers. If necessary, an external phantom supply, like the Samson S phantom, can also be used. The CM15P receive the phantom power directly from a mic connector or cable when connected to a mixer that includes a phantom supply. The power is sent OUT of the microphone INPUT, riding silently along with the audio signal. Most mixers have a switch to engage the phantom power, so be sure to check that the phantom power is on.

Microphone Placement and Positioning: The CM15P have been designed to be placed on a podium or table top and connected to a standard XLR connector. In order to reduce the occurrences of "p-popping", always use the supplied windscreen. Since the CM15P have a uni-direction pick-up pattern, be sure to position the microphone towards the sound you want to pick up, and away from sound you do not want to pick up. In order to maximize the sound quality, you must pay careful attention to the placement of your CM15P and how it is positioned for the instrument or vocalist that you are miking. All microphones, especially uni-directional or cardioid microphones, exhibit a phenomenon known as proximity effect. Very simply put, proximity effect is a resulting change in the frequency response of a microphone based on the position of the mic capsule relative to the sound source. Generally, you will get a bass boost when miking in close. When you point a cardioid mic directly at the sound source (on axis) you will get the best frequency response, however, when you start pointing the microphone slightly away (off axis) you will notice the low frequency response dropping off and the microphone will start to sound thinner.


  • Condenser element

  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern

  • 15" gooseneck with flexible top and bottom

  • Internal Selectable Hi-pass filter

  • XLR connector

  • Flange-mount included

  • Multistage windscreen

  • 9-52 Volt Phantom Power Operation


  • Samson CM15P Gooseneck Podium Microphone

  • Mounting Flange

  • User Manual



  • Element Type: Fixed-charge condenser

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid (Uni-directional)

  • Frequency response: 60 - 16000Hz

  • Sensitivity: -40dB/Pa

  • Rated impedance: 600 ohms

  • SPL: 127dB

  • Dynamic range: 103dB

  • S/N ratio: 70dB

  • Power Supply: 9~52V phantom supply

  • Power consumption: 4mA


  • Brand: Samson

  • Manufacturer SKU: CM15P

  • UPC: 809164004684

  • Type: Podium Microphone