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TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Effects Pedal (5706622023582)

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TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Effects Pedal (5706622023582)

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Iconic Reverb Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch and Shimmer Effect. Decay Sets the decay time of the reverb or ?how long you actually hear the reverb?. This knob takes you from a natural room vibe to you playing in a cathedral in a canyon - in outer space. Tone Switch between bright and dark sounds and every nuance in between - crisp clarity or darker warmth? This knob also determines how ?dominant? the effect will be. FX Level The intensity of the effect - from a hint of echo to full-on, earth-shattering reverberation. Type Selector Here you select the reverb type - and with ten Reverb types at your disposal Hall Of Fame covers all reverb sounds known to mankind and leaves you room to add new ones.