SureFire Waterproof Weaponlight Tail Switch, Tan

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SureFire Waterproof Weaponlight Tail Switch, Tan

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The SureFire Waterproof Weaponlight Tail Switch, Tan is a waterproof switch assembly for most SureFire's Scout Light WeaponLights (excludes Micro Scout Light Pro). Includes system disable feature, click-on/off pushbutton switch. The integrated pushbutton and remote switch operate independently, providing switch redundancy. The DS00 switch receptacle accepts the ST07, SR07, and SR07-D-IT remote tape switches (sold separately).


The SureFire Mil-Spec Rear Dual Switch Assembly for Scoutlight WeaponLights with Click Switch and Switch-Socket, TAN has enhance the functionality and convenience of your Scoutlight WeaponLights. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this switch assembly is a perfect upgrade for your tactical lighting needs. The Mil-Spec Rear Dual Switch Assembly features a click switch and a switch-socket for easy and intuitive operation. The click switch allows for quick and reliable activation of your weapon light with a simple press, while the switch-socket offers the option to connect a remote tape switch for remote activation. Crafted with high-quality materials, this switch assembly is built to withstand the demands of rigorous tactical use. Its tan finish adds a sleek and professional look to your weapon, blending seamlessly with your existing gear. Installing the switch assembly is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. It seamlessly integrates with SureFire Scoutlight WeaponLights, providing a secure and reliable connection for optimal performance. Whether you are in law enforcement, military, or a serious enthusiast, this switch assembly is a must-have addition to your tactical setup. Experience enhanced control and versatility with the SureFire Mil-Spec Rear Dual Switch Assembly. Order yours today and take your weapon light to the next level of performance and convenience.

  • DS00TN Waterproof Switch Assembly: The main component of the product, designed for use with SureFire Scout Light weapon lights.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with SureFire Scout Light weapon lights, ensuring proper fit and functionality.

  • Remote Pressure Switch Compatibility: Fits SureFire ST07, SR07, and SR07-D-IT remote pressure switches (sold separately).

  • Waterproof Design: O-ring sealed housing provides waterproof protection, allowing for reliable performance in wet and demanding environments.

  • Push-Button Power Switch: Features a push-button on/off switch for convenient operation of the weapon light.

  • Independent Operation: The push-button switch and tape switch work independently, providing flexibility to use whichever one is more convenient for light activation.

  • Adjustable Placement: The housing can be swiveled to position the push-button and switch cable in the most comfortable and accessible position for the operator.

  • System Disable Feature: Includes a system disable feature that prevents accidental activation of the light, ensuring safe and controlled operation.

  • Cable and Remote Switch Sold Separately: The light, cable, and remote switch are sold separately, allowing for customization and compatibility with different setups.


  • Versatile, adaptable switch assembly for most SureFire WeaponLights (not compatible w/ Micro Scout Light Pro)

  • Integrated and remote switch assemblies operate independently

  • Switch receptacle accepts a variety of SureFire remote tape switches

  • Click-on/off push-button switch

  • System disable feature

  • Two-piece, O-ring sealed housing swivels to facilitate precise positioning of the integrated click-on/-off switch in the DS switch housing

  • The DS00TN switch assembly for SureFire's Scoutlight WeaponLights includes a system disable feature and click on/off pushbutton switch

  • Accepts the ST07, SR07 and SR07-D-IT remote tape switches (sold separately)

  • Fits all SureFire M Series Scoutlight WeaponLights


  • SureFire Mil-Spec Rear Dual Switch Assembly Tan

  • User Manual


  • Compatibility: Designed for SureFire Scoutlight WeaponLights

  • Switch Types: Click switch and switch-socket

  • Switch Functions: Click switch for direct activation, switch-socket for remote activation

  • Color: Tan

  • Construction: Mil-Spec materials for durability and reliability

  • Compatibility: Easily integrates with SureFire Scoutlight WeaponLights 

  • Installation: Simple and user-friendly installation

  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranty provided


  • Brand: SureFire

  • Manufacturer SKU: DS00TN

  • UPC: 84871327558

  • Type: Switch Assembly