Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head incl 8ft cable and protective cap

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Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head incl 8ft cable and protective cap

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Made exclusively for the ELB 500 TTL battery-powered pack, the ELB 500 TTL Flash Head from Elinchrom has a compact form factor of 3.5 x 3.1 x 6.3 inch and weighs just 1.5 lb making it ideal for hand-holding or mounting overhead on supports such as a boom. Its Quadra front accessory mount (Q-Mount) is compatible with Portalite softboxes, and can also use full-sized Elinchrom or Profoto softboxes with an optional adapter. The flash head is capable of achieving flash durations as short as 1/3400 sec. in Normal Mode and 1/20,000 sec in Action Mode for special effects. It has a 14W LED modeling light that draws minimal power from the pack's battery, a 5/8 inch receiver for stand mounting, and comes with an 8' cable for connection to the ELB 500 TTL.


The Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head is designed for adventurous portrait photographers on location or in studio, it sets the light you need for the perfect shot right from the start. Portable and incredibly powerful with a 500 Ws robust battery pack, and complete with TTL, HSS, Active Charging and Full Asymmetry with built-in Skyport receiver. Following your creative instinct has never been so easy.


  • Keep it simple: Be ready in seconds with beautiful light in any challenging situation. Simply set the light you want with TTL or switch to manual and explore your full potential.

  • Follow your instinct: Give maximum expression to your creative ideas on the move. Lightweight and ultracompact, the ELB 500 TTL delivers 400 full power bursts on a single charge.

  • Master your workflow: Streamline your processes thanks to the seamless HSS feature. The ELB 500 TTL works like a fast and efficient assistant for a super smooth creative journey end-to-end.

  • Stretch your imagination: Explore the infinite fun of flash photography in and out of the studio. Use two asymmetrical flash heads with your portable ELB 500 TTL for thrilling results.

  • Let your creative instinct fly: Take your ideas beyond the limits of any given location with the ELB 500 TTL. With 500 Ws and HSS at your disposal, it is easy to overpower the sun and create dreamy backgrounds to suit your style in any conditions. Combine it with the ELB 500 range of accessories to generate perfect light distribution, unmatched color quality and exceptional consistency with countless setups wherever you shoot.

  • Power with HSS: Freeze motion in Action Mode or use High Speed Sync. Darken or outshine the ambient light or use a wider aperture: the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro gives you access to HSS to seamlessly synchronize at speeds up to 1/8000s.

  • Easy set-up: The world  most powerful portable strobe is the simplest to use too. Just plug into the mains using Active Charge for a studio shoot and rely on the battery for location work. With 400 full power flashes on a single charge and a 2-second recycling time, it delivers no matter what.


  • Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head

  • 8ft cable

  • Protective cap

  • User manual and quick start guide


  • Flash output: 500 Ws

  • Flash modes: Standard, HSS, TTL

  • Number of flashes: 400 at full power

  • Weight: 2.34 kg

  • Energy: 500 Ws/J

  • F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°): 64.8

  • Power range F-Stop: 7

  • Power increments in F-Stop: 1/10th

  • Power range display F-Stop equivalent: 0.1 - 6.3

  • Power range: 7 to 500 Ws

  • Power distribution: Full asymmetry

  • Flash duration t0.5 min. power - 7.1 Ws/J: 1/20000 (Action mode)

  • Flash duration t0.5 max. power - 500 Ws/J: 1/250 (Action mode)

  • Sync socket: 3.5 mm Jack

  • Power stability: +/- 0.5 %

  • Recycling Fast mode: 2 s

  • Recycling Eco mode: 3.5 s

  • Sync voltage: 5 V

  • Battery life: 28000 (min power) / 400 (full power)

  • Battery recharge time: 1.4 h

  • Auto power dumping: Automatic, real-time

  • Length: 16.3 cm

  • Width: 9 cm

  • Height: 18.1 cm

  • Weight with battery: 2.48 kg

  • Weight without battery: 1.74 kg

  • Battery type: Li-Ion 14.4V / 5Ah / 72 Wh

  • Battery level indicator: On unit and battery

  • Colour temperature at max. power: 5500 K

  • Color stability: +/- 200 K over 7 F-Stops

  • LED CRI: 90

  • LED lamp options: On/off, free, prop., VFC, Timer 1 - 60 s.

  • LED modelling lamp: 14 Watt / Lumens

  • Dimmable modelling lamp: 40 steps

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Primary color: Dark grey

  • Skyport type: Built-in Skyport 20 channels, 4 groups / Phottix Odin Z

  • Skyport distance range: Up to 200 m

  • HSS / TTL: Yes, with Transmitter Pro


  • Brand: Elinchrom

  • Manufacturer SKU: EL20190

  • UPC: 7630006320326