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PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver For Canon TTL Flashes and Digital SLR Cameras

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PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver For Canon TTL Flashes and Digital SLR Cameras

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  • Full ETTL II /iTTL Autoflash and Ratio flash and exposure tracking
  • FP/High speed flash synch up to 1/8000th sec.
  • Autoflash sequences up to 8 frames per second
  • Triggers flash or cameras
  • Works with all Pocket Wizard 32 channels and zones


Item Includes: Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver for Canon DSLR Cameras and Flash Units, USB Cable, Two (2) AA Batteries, Quick Guide, Pocket Wizard 1 Year Limited Warranty

The dedicated FlexTT5 Transceiver, with its built in hot-shoe and ControlTL firmware, is the perfect addition to Canon E-TTL II flash systems. The FlexTT5 takes the existing benefits of Canon wireless systems beyond the boundaries of infrared technology. When paired with the Mini TT1 Transmitter or another FlexTT5 Transceiver, a whole new world of wireless flash freedom opens up. The FlexTT5 is also the perfect Transceiver for your manual triggering needs and works with all MultiMAX channels and many of the MultiMAX advanced functions.

The FlexTT5's simple design comes to life through its hot-shoe connection with a camera or flash. Mount a flash or command unit on the FlexTT5 to use the same zone controls and ratio commands as you would normally. The system tracks your changes in ISO, shutter speed and aperture and reacts accordingly to make sure exposures stay right on target. Use the flash compensation dial on your camera or flash just as you would normally and the changes pass seamlessly through the system.


  • 2 Channel Settings + Learn Mode: Each setting can be programmed to support up to 20 ControlTL channels for TTL photography, or 32 standard channels for manual flash photography. The FlexTT5 Transceiver also has a three-zone selector switch, which integrates with Canon zones and ratios. The Learn Mode allows the unit to detect the channel used by any other unit in the area.
  • Reverse Compatible: Operates on the same channels as all other PocketWizards and will work with any unit you may already have.
  • HyperSync & High-Speed Sync Technology: Supports flash sync speeds of up to 1/500th sec. High-Speed Sync auto syncs flash system with the camera's shutter speed setting, up to 1/8000th.
  • Built-in Hot Shoe: Features a hot shoe on the top, so that you can still mount a flash unit directly onto the camera. This allows you to combine your remote flash with the on-camera flash, or use the on-camera flash for additional E-TTL II control only.
  • Camera/Flash Ports: The FlexTT5 Transceiver has two plug-in ports for use with remote Canon E-TTL II cameras, or other non-TTL flash units. Camera remote triggering also requires use of a camera-specific "motor cord".
  • Remote Camera Triggering/Relay Mode: Can be used to trigger a camera remotely. Requires use of a camera-specific "motor cord". Auto Relay Mode allows you to trigger a remote camera in sync with a remote flash.
  • Low-Profile Design: The FlexTT5 lies flat to stay out of the way and uses a flip-up antenna for additional range when needed.
  • Configurable and Upgradeable: The FlexTT5 features a mini-USB port, which makes it upgradeable and "future-proof" for continuous improvements and compatibility upgrades. The included PocketWizard Utility software allows you to select custom settings through the USB connection, and to set it to use specific channels used by other Pocked Wizard units.


  • TTL Compatible: E-TTL, E-TTL II
  • Of Channels: 52 Channels over 26 Frequencies
  • Antenna: 2.8" (7.1cm) rubberized with 180° swing
  • Maximum Range: 800' (240 m) for E-TTL triggering; 1200' (365 m) for standard triggering
  • Mounting: Hot-shoe, 1/4"-20 socket, lanyard
  • Ports: 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo miniphone (f/camera triggering); 1/8" (3.5mm) mono miniphone (flash operation)
  • Power Requirements: 2x AA batteries
  • Battery Life: 60 hours (flash); 200 hours (camera "awake time")
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.8 x 1.4" (9.2 x 7.1 x 3.6cm) LxWxH
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (153g) [w/o batteries]