BirdDog PTZ Keyboard

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BirdDog PTZ Keyboard

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The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard (BDPTZKEY) Control up to 255 PTZ cameras on a single network with the ergonomically designed BirdDog PTZ Keyboard. The keyboard is compatible with NDI, NDI|HX, Visca over IP, RS-422, and RS-232 protocols, and can also be powered over those same connections as an alternative to DC-in power.The keyboard features multi-colored and programmable buttons and knobs, and it has a joystick and rocker for zoom control. Control your PTZ camera exposure, white balance, backlight, gain, shutter, focus, iris, shutter speed, and zoom with the touch of a button or the turn of a knob. You can also set up to 256 memory presets with different parameters and camera moves. The PTZ Keyboard is also compatible with NDI and BirdDog Comms Audio Intercom systems run from a Windows computer.


The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard, also known as BDPTZKEY, is a versatile and feature-rich control device designed specifically for controlling PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras. It provides users with a comprehensive and intuitive interface to operate and manage PTZ cameras with precision and ease. The PTZ Keyboard boasts a robust build quality and ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable operation for extended periods. Its compact and portable form factor makes it ideal for use in various settings, including broadcast studios, conference rooms, live events, and more. Equipped with a full-sized keyboard layout, the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard offers quick access to essential camera functions and settings. It features an array of dedicated buttons and knobs, intelligently arranged for intuitive navigation and control. These buttons allow users to adjust pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and other camera parameters effortlessly, providing precise control over camera movements and capturing the perfect shots. The keyboard is integrated high-resolution jog wheel and trackball enable precise and smooth camera movement adjustments. Users can easily pan and tilt the camera by turning the jog wheel, while the trackball allows for smooth zooming control. These intuitive controls provide a tactile experience, allowing operators to make fine adjustments with ease and precision.the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is its seamless integration with BirdDog's range of PTZ cameras and other compatible devices. It utilizes the NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol, enabling easy and efficient communication with compatible devices over an IP network. This integration ensures seamless compatibility, simplifying the setup process and offering a unified control solution for PTZ cameras within a networked environment. Furthermore, the PTZ Keyboard features a bright and clear LCD display, providing real-time feedback on camera status, configuration settings, and other important information. The display allows users to monitor camera parameters, such as focus and zoom position, at a glance, enabling precise control and monitoring of the camera behavior.

Compatibility: BirdDog Central Pro, BirdDog EYES A200, BirdDog EYES A300, BirdDog EYES P100, BirdDog EYES P200, BirdDog P110, BirdDog P120, BirdDog P240,BirdDog P400,BirdDog P4K,BirdDog X120, Polymotion POLYMOTIONBUNBDP200.


  • PTZ Camera Control Keyboard

  • Supports NDI, NDI|HX, Visca, RS-422/232

  • PoE, Power over Visca, and Serial Power

  • Control up to 255 Networked PTZ Cameras

  • Multi-Colored Buttons, Knobs, Joystick

  • Programmable User Buttons

  • Audio Intercom System Compatible

  • Ergonomic Design


  • BirdDog PTZ Keyboard

  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Registration Extension: 3-Year (US Only)


  • Power Consumption: 3 W

  • DC Input Power: 12 VDC

  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C

  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.2 x 3.9" / 27.8 x 13.2 x 10 cm


  • Brand: BirdDog

  • Manufacturer SKU: BDPTZKEY

  • UPC: 9369999080983

  • Type: Keyboard